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We hope you feel completely at home Riverside Cottage. We've put together some notes about the house which let you settle in quicker. We've also added a couple of notes about Local Attractions and Bob the dishwasher. Bob the dishwasher is in the kitchen and likes to be treated in a certain way!

Please feel free to water the plants if it’s been dry, feed the birds and make yourself completely at home. We hope you’d like to return and when you do, our VIP guests get the best prices on repeat direct bookings; just keep a note of our web address or email, follow us on social media and stay in touch.

First off we must mention that Riverside Cottage is a non-smoking home and is suitable for adult guests only.

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Check-in and check-out.

Our standard check-in time is 4pm, although we will contact you beforehand if an early check-in is available. Check out is at or before 10am and late check-outs are usually unavailable during peak season. You’ll be sent details of the lockbox key code in a separate welcome email.

Fire Safety

  • We’re compliant with HM Government safety guidance for sleeping accommodation, updated in October 2023 and April 2024. If you wish to obtain a copy, please send us an email today.
  • In the event of a fire, the general rule is (if you can) put it out, get out and stay out. There’s a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the kitchen and sensitive smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors are linked throughout the cottage.
  • A further fire extinguisher is on the main staircase.
  • The most important thing is to protect yourselves in case of fire or other emergency. Close downstairs doors when retiring to bed and keep the keys in the front door in case you need to open it in the dark.
  • Rechargeable torches are in each bedroom, in the lounge, and there’s a torch and lantern in the kitchen too.
  • If you use the real fire, please use the fire guard and if you clean the fire, place all ashes in the metal bucket OUTSIDE of the house on the slate pathways or on the stones.
  • We request you familiarise yourself with exit routes before going to bed on your first night.

Before and upon arrival.

Helwith Bridge is a tiny hamlet with a friendly pub but no shop. We’d recommend bringing milk for a cuppa on arrival as the nearest shops are a ten-minute drive to Settle.

If you’d like a real fire during your stay, we’ll leave a starter pack of logs, kindling and firefighters for your use. If you’d like a bumper basket for your stay, we can arrange this for £30. Just email us at least seven days before arrival at to arrange. If you choose to bring or buy your own logs, please use hardwood and /or kiln dried logs only.

There’s parking for one car on the driveway. It’s easier to drive in forwards, but as it’s quite tight for larger cars, passengers should alight before driving into the space! If you’re bringing a second car, please park in the pub car park. Please take care when leaving your vehicle as a 10" drop is presengt alongside the driveway.

The connection of Electric Vehicles to indoor sockets is prohibited due to the limited available electricity supply at the cottage. Any damage caused by unauthorised will lead to curtailment of your holiday. An electric car charger is available at The Old School House (Yorkshire Subterranean Society) just outside the car park entrance and to your right, there are also several fast charging points in Settle town centre.

If it’s wet when you arrive, please take care on the paths and driveways as they’re uneven and our local slate can be slippery (we’ve got the bruises to prove it!)

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If you’re bringing your four-legged friends, please keep them off the furniture and for the sake of future guests with allergies, we kindly request that they always remain downstairs. An additional cleaning fee will be charged after departure if additional hygiene measures are required due to pet damage or if pet hair is found on bedding.

When walking dogs, please take care to keep them on a lead when walking on footpaths and bridleways, crossing fields or where sheep may be grazing.

Please ensure care is taken with the patio doors / Juliet balcony in the living room and all river facing windows as there is no accessible riverbank below. Any items falling from these windows will be lost into the River Ribble forever!

There’s an umbrella, hat, coat and shoe rack in the hall. Please remove wet or dirty footwear in the hallway and dry-off dogs before they explore further.

We’ve installed electric heaters in kitchen and small bedroom to protect the house from frost. They also provide a warm welcome after cold and wet days on the Dales! These heaters are remotely controlled, so please don’t turn them off or adjust the controls.

If the weather is chilly, the central heating will be switched on ready for your arrival. Feel free to turn it up or down to your own requirements using the Hive thermostat in the kitchen. (More information on the central heating controls is below.)

Familiarising yourself with the cottage.

Please flush nothing other than human waste and the supplied loo roll. The cottage uses a pump and tank for wastewater so anything else will block the system and require an expensive technician call-out and will curtail your stay at the cottage. Any curtailed stays due to failure of the pump system leading from misuse will not be refundable and will lead to additional costs. Bleach must not be used in the toilets or sinks.

Inside the cottage, there are some steps, areas of reduced head height and delightfully wonky and squeaky floors to get used to. Get to know the quirks on arrival or ‘duck or grouse’ at your peril!

There are tea bags, Nespresso pods, sugar, cleaning products and some condiments in the kitchen. There’s pump-safe loo roll, cleaning products and hand soap in the bathroom. We’d recommend
bringing additional supplies or allow yourself some time to pop to Booths or one of the two co-op stores in Settle.

In case of a power cut, DO NOT USE THE LOO OR RUN ANY TAPS until the electricity supply has returned. The fuse box is in the kitchen cupboard above the microwave and there’s a phone number and web address on the meter box outside if you need to contact Northern Power Networks.


There are rechargeable torches plugged-in, in each bedroom, in the lounge, kitchen and a wind-up, rechargeable lantern near the dishwasher. There are also handheld torches in various locations around the house plus solar lighting in the garden.

If a power cut continues for a long period, a battery powered ‘generator’ is located in the kithcen. This is intended for low current appliances such as phone chargers, televisions and lamps only, but will keep you connected if needs be. Please take care when using this unit and recharge it when the power returns!

There is a larder fridge and a small freezer in a kitchen cupboard. A microwave, dual oven, hob, toaster, omelette maker, blender, Nespresso machine and compact dishwasher (called Bob) are also available for guest use. Instructions for Bob are included in your welcome email.

There’s a smart TV with freeview lite, Netflix and a Firestick in the lounge, a smart TV with freeview lite in the principal bedroom and a small TV with Firestick and DVD player in the small bedroom. A selection of DVDs (and paperback books) can be found in the tall-boy cabinet in the smaller bedroom.

If you're bringing vinyl or CDs, then there's a turntable and Hifi in the small bedroom. As we're detached, you can enjoy your own cottage disco in your own space, or pop on headphones as supplied.

The hoover is in the under-stairs cupboard and there’s a smaller hoover upstairs too. The ironing board is in the kitchen, along with a steam generator iron. There's a clothes steamer in the main bedroom and the clothes horse is under the sofa.

Enjoying your stay.

The central heating is pre-programmed based upon previous guest feedback and prevailing weather conditions taken from a local weather station. The temperature can be adjusted on the Hive thermostat in the kitchen, or heat can be boosted by pushing the button on the top right of the thermostat. Hot water is instantaneous. It goes without saying that if it’s too hot indoors, please turn the thermostat (or the radiators) down to save gas. Plug-in / portable heaters are prohibited unless the gas fails during your stay.

We have installed safety stays on river facing and all upstairs windows. Each stay has a set of keys to allow full opening of the windows if you wish. Please ensure the keys remain in the stays and that all windows are closed on departure.

Both mattresses are brand new for Summer 2024 and there is plenty of pillows on each bed. Additional bedding will be provided if required. If you use any of the spare bedding, please leave it out on departure so they can be cleaned.

We hope you find plenty of crockery and amenities in the kitchen. If you find anything is missing or if you inadvertently break anything, please drop us an email or leave a message.

There are Alexa devices in each room. There’s an Alexa Dot in each bedroom and an Alexa show in the lounge and kitchen (cameras are disabled for your privacy.) Just ask ‘Alexa’ to listen to the radio or other things besides or just switch them off if you wish.

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There is a phone charger in each bedroom, a hairdryer, some handmade throws (and hot water bottles) in the main bedroom wardrobe and a shaver socket and heated mirror in the bathroom. If you’ve forgotten your phone leads, there are a few spares in the wardrobe for most devices, but please return them on departure. Recycling and refuse are collected each Wednesday morning. Our neighbour, Martin, will collect the correct bin and return it later in the day.

The guest box includes lots of leaflets of local attractions. Please feel free to add more if you’ve found somewhere special! Markets are on in Settle and Hawes every Tuesday. Swimming is available for guests at Settle Pool (just book via their website) and we highly recommend visiting the Victoria Hall in Settle: there’s always something going on!

If you need any help, the team at the pub are wonderfully helpful, as are our neighbours Paul and Carol.

Checking out

On the day of check-out, Rachel would appreciate if you could strip the bed(s) (please leave mattress and pillow protectors in place) and place all the used laundry and dirty towels in the bath. Emptying the kitchen bins into the wheelies would also be helpful.

Unless previously arranged, check out is by 10am. Please close all windows and ensure the spare key remains on the dining table. Place the main key in the lock box and jiggle the numbers.

If you’ve had a great time, we’d love your feedback. If you’ve found something lacking, please let us know directly via email:

As mentioned before, we’d love you to return. Just keep our email on file and we’ll ensure your return trip is at the best rate possible.

Thanks for reading this far!
David & Craig
June 2024.

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